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Bounce Jeddah and Riyadh

AWESOME PLACE FOR Ladies, men, and families in Jeddah

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Have you ever experience looking for a fun place to go with your friends or family then you came across with an awesome entertainment attraction which you really want to experience but suddenly it’s only for males? Or a place where it’s so good but it is ladies only venue? You don’t have to worry now because here in BOUNCE you can take a flight and get airborne even if your male, female or with your families!” with “Have you been looking for a fun and inclusive place to go with your friends or family? Stop searching now as BOUNCE is the place where everyone can take flight and get airborne!

BOUNCE Jeddah offers two sections, one for males & families and another one that is strictly for females only where girls can freely have fun away from boys.

On the other hand BOUNCE Riyadh offers only access for ladies at the moment.

The best trampoline park for ladies in Jeddah & Riyadh


We are excited to be the first place in Jeddah and Riyadh to provide you entertainment facility. The female area is managed and led by our crew of female staff to provide maximum fun with a strong safety element. Here, the BOUNCE ladies can take flight and get airborne.

Fun place for bachelors and family bonding


Both sections in BOUNCE Jeddah for men & family and ladies only section allows jumping for any child under 110cm. Females are allowed in the cafe area and need to be conservatively dressed, this area allows families to enjoy the spirit of BOUNCE together. Both sections include our amazing free jumping arena, a smashing dodgeball court, our adrenaline pumping high-performance trampolines, and our slam dunk area. With changing facilities and bathrooms available on both sides, you can get ready for your jump in style. To finish off your experience, sit back and relax post jump while tucking into the tasty food we supply in the cafe.

Major Rule: 10 years old and below. Once they hit the age of 11 years old, Ladies cannot jump together in
the Male and Family section and Males cannot jump in the Female section