Bounce ed

BOUNCE ED is a curriculum program for primary and secondary schools in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It brings to life the theoretical science & PE lessons in a fun and engaging learning environment.

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BOUNCE ED school trips offer Forces & Motion and Human Body units. It is designed around the International Baccalaureate curriculum and can be adapted to other curriculums.

It is an inclusive program for all ages and skill sets. The sessions incorporate physical activities as well as classroom session to add maximum value to the program.


Forces in Motion

  • A trampoline appears as nothing more than simple fun, but it is actually a complex array of the most basic laws of physics.
  • Jumping up and down is a classic example of the conservation of energy and potential energy transformed into kinetic energy.

Human Body

  • We do this by taking students through well-structured physical application of the theories of the four main body systems.
  • Trained staff members that ensure maximum group and individual participation
  • Specifically designed lessons for each school year
  • World class, safe and engaging facilities – BOUNCE is a founding member of the Australian Trampoline Parks Association safety body
  • Flexible delivery options, from single sessions to term-long programs
  • Minimum 10 participants